Makers365, LLC is a boutique technology firm empowering digital creators. Our skilled use of open source software (Drupal) and proven innovation methodologies (design thinking + agile + lean) allow us to take on ambitious digital projects that push boundaries and create outstanding value for our clients. In all that we do, these four core values guide us:

  • Be Open: We enthusiastically participate in the culture of sharing that characterizes the open source movement. "Open" is our default approach to web development.
  • Be Good: We believe in business as a force for good. While we're not a B Corps (yet!), "Good" for us is expressed by the B Corps Declaration of Interdependence, which guides our efforts to build a just community in our backyard and beyond.
  • Be Modern: We embrace a modern approach to work life for our team. "Modern" for us means working flexibly (more balance), virtually (more productivity), and mindfully (more clarity).
  • Be Excellent: We insist on executional excellence for our clients. "Excellence" for us comes down to focus (on customer need), competence (in web development and design-led innovation), and passion (for empowering makers).

Bee Inspired

Bees are our superheroes!

They are hard workers, team players, create the sweetest product, build the most efficient structure in nature (the honeycomb) and have an outsized impact on our world (i.e., one in every three bites of food we eat is the result of our superhero pollinators - wow!).

The ultimate makers, they inspire how we work and tell our story at Makers365.

Inspired by the biggest makers in the world!