Drupal Multilingual Support Services

A multilingual website will help you reach a global audience and emerging markets, as well as local market segments with people actively looking for the information and products that you provide. Offering your content in the language of your users shows that you care and helps you get better relevance in search engine results on the markets where the target language is spoken.

Drupal multilingual capabilities are excellent. The content administration experience in a multilingual setup is very straightforward and it can be configured in multiple ways.

One of the ways of configuring multilingual support provides a "translate" link for every page (or node) of the website that takes the content manager to a form where a translation can be entered. This way of configuring Drupal multilingual capabilities is ideal for content heavy websites where every original page should have an equivalent page in another language(s).

Another way of configuring multilingual support for Drupal is more centered around the fields that are usually added to content types. This type of configuration may be prefered on cases where the content has many fields and only some of the fields are supposed to be translatable while other fields can remain in their original language. A typical scenario may be an e-commerce or a catalog where price, size, weight and other fields are not translatable.

If the above sounds complex, fear not. Makers365 can help you build multilingual websites with your users in mind.

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