Drupal Migration

Depending on where the content comes from, there are three types of migrations of content to Drupal:

  1. From a previous version of Drupal to a newer version of Drupal
  2. From other CMS to Drupal
  3. From static HTML pages to Drupal

Regardless what type of migration you want to accomplish; Makers365 can help you!

Migrating from a previous version of Drupal to a newer version of Drupal

Depending on the complexity of the Drupal website that is being migrated this can be a very straight forward process or a tricky problem.

If the website being migrated contains a small number of contributed modules and these contributed modules are available for the version of Drupal that you are migrating to, then the upgrade process should be very easy. However; if the original website uses a large number of contributed modules, or even worse; a large number of custom modules, then the upgrade process is probably more complex and may require some re-architecting of the website in order to achieve the desired functionalities.

Migrating from other CMS to Drupal

With the success of Drupal as an enterprise level CMS we often see websites that have exhausted the capabilities of other CMS and are being migrated to Drupal. When content comes from another CMS it is likely that it already has a data structure that can facilitate the process of ingesting the content by Drupal. In most cases, content can be brought into Drupal by creating some type of content feed in CSV, XML or JSON format on the original site and using the Drupal feeds module to import the content.

Migrating from static HTML pages to Drupal

This is usually the most complex type of migration. A website with a large number of pages could take copious amounts of time to migrate if the static HTML pages have to be copied manually to the new CMS.

A less time consuming way of doing this type of migration is to use scripts that can scrape the content of the HTML pages automatically and import them into Drupal almost magically. Usually this process takes some iterations and some fine tuning but the results are worthwhile, especially for large imports of content.

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