IBM's People for Smarter Cities

IBM wanted to bring together citizens, city leaders and smart ideas—in order to spark positive change in cities all around the world.

Because we know a smart idea in one city can make any city smarter, we created a place to share those ideas and connect the leaders and forward thinkers who will put them to work.

If you’re a citizen, you can share smart ideas to improve cities. If you’re a city leader, you can gain insights. With the right information at your fingertips, you can make better decisions, resolve problems proactively, and coordinate resources more effectively.

The People for Smarter Cities site features IBM solutions, success stories and ideas from around the world which can transform the systems that keep our cities running - from transportation and education, to public safety and energy.

Makers365 architected and developed People4Smartercities as a social media platform for IBM using Drupal 7, creating half a dozen custom modules in the process, including an API for geolocation.

Since this project is no longer active here is a link to P4SC's content without style on the Internet archive.
































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