We build community capacity with our Impact Lab.  

The Lab

The Impact Lab is our place for launching collaborative projects that harness local, state, and national resources to develop, test and launch products, tools and services that build strong social entrepreneurs across the US. Led by Cari Keller and launched in Spring 2018, the Lab is conceived as a testing ground for local communities and, thus, focuses on local needs, local solutions, and the local innovators who know their communities best. Each lab project starts with a pressing local problem (e.g., access to justice). We then identify the group of social entrepreneurs working on it (e.g., socially conscious attorneys) and collaborate with these changemakers to ensure they have what they need to grow and thrive as they help their communities grow and thrive.  Changemaking is hard, risky work, and we have their backs!  

Lab Projects

The Lab's projects are called Impact365 Projects.  Each project has a project team comprised of local designers, technologists, and community stakeholders.  Over the life of a project, we run a series of rapid design cycles that yield impactful organizational supports that clear the path for social entrepreneurs to do what they do best - use their ventures to solve pressing social problems and, in the process, create more sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities. We are excited to announce that the Lab launched its inaugural project in May 2018. This project focuses on the justice gap in the US and supports the socially-conscious attorneys, also known as "justice entrepreneurs," who are working hard to close this gap in communities across the US.

More to come on Impact365: Access to Justice!

A Broader View

As we lead the growth and impact of this Lab, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (known as "The Global Goals") provide powerful context for our work and are a North Star for the Makers365 team. These 17 goals set time-bound targets that aim to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and mitigate climate change by 2030.  We see ourselves as part of the global movement dedicated to the achievement of these goals and are specifically committed to making measurable progress against Goal 8 ("Decent Work & Economic Growth For All"). 

Please contact us if you would like to be a Lab supporter or partner. We welcome outreach!