We know a lot of bright people in permanent beta. They think of themselves as works in progress and invest in their toolboxes every day, irrespective of their age. TEDTalks, Coursera courses, Pivotplanet sessions, Meetups, certificate programs, audio books, podcasts, etc.  It's inspiring.

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn CoFounder & Chairman, talks about the concept of permanent beta in his book with Ben Casnocha called, "The Start-up of You."  We highly recommend it.  A visual summary follows below.  In a nutshell, the authors suggest that a permanent beta mindset is required to keep this from happening:

"For many people, 20 years of experience is really 1 year of experience repeated 20x."  - Andy Hargadon

We appreciated this reminder and thought you might too!   

For more, check out www.thestartupofyou.com

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